Expository Essay

Expository Essay Structure: Basic Elements

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Ok, that’s enough about us, let’s talk about your hassles. If you have got no clue about such writing genre type as exposition, it would be logical to start with expository essay definition.

You may be surprised to discover that expository writing is an informative piece that provides information, presents facts about some topic and most importantly, doesn’t include writer’s personal opinion.

As for the structure, it’s quite traditional with all basic essay parts included:

  • Expository essay introduction with a strong thesis statement and a bit of background information that shows your awareness in a subject;
  • A couple of body paragraphs that offer facts, explanations and other information called to cover the topic ;
  • Conclusion that serves to support central idea and summarize main essay points.

How to write a expository essay: Process in details

If you are assigned to write an expository essay, it means you are supposed to give facts and only facts. No biased personal viewpoint. No criticism. It’s like breaking the news. You can’t express your opinion, feelings or emotions concerning some topic if the audience has no idea what has happened. From here, there are some important things to keep in mind when writing expository essay:

  • Naturally, explore the topic. You should sound professional giving the reader plenty of facts on the topic;
  • Don’t give bare facts without supportive examples;
  • Be consistent. Don’t jump from idea to idea. All your arguments should relate to the thesis statement;
  • To make your essay sound logical, use some transitions between paragraphs;
  • Take time to revise your writing and make necessary changes. Make sure your essay has correct structure, no grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

Here you can get a good expository essay example

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