How to Write a Persuasive Essay in a Jiffy?

Persuasive essay is also known as an argument essay, and it’s all about using logic, reason and sometimes a bit of emotion to prove your point of view. As a rule, persuasive essay topics feature two opposing views where you have to pick one and through facts, quotes, examples, pieces of evidence, data and statistics prove your opinion is the one on the right side.

All in all, writing a persuasive essay features 5 pillars which determine the overall success of a paper. They are, as follows:

  • Thorough research of a topic and both opposing views
  • Strong argument which proves your point of view is the only that’s right in the debate
  • Deliberate audience analysis to find best persuasive methods fit for a particular reader (namely, your tutor)
  • Eloquent thesis statement
  • Solid evidence base which leaves no choice by picking your side in the argument

When it comes to persuasive essays text is most often left without any emotional underlining. Most Australian educational establishments don’t advise using pathos and emotional triggers in persuasive essays at all. Consider it a peculiarity of Downunder’s academia approach.

Persuasive essay structure and key components

Learning how to write a persuasive essay is impossible without outlining a proper structure. Since you’re doing an essay, not some 30-page research, 3 structural components you’ve known since the age of four apply: Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion.

Let’s start with Introduction. It is here where you familiarize readers with a topic, point of the argument and your thesis statement. Stating why exactly the dispute is important might also be a sound idea, so do it as well.

Main Body, in its turn, is all about sticking to your quote-evidence-examples-data-facts guns and smashing the opposing point of view with everything you’ve got. Leave audience no choice but head to your argumentation.

Conclusion. A wise student always lays some of the most efficient persuasion items in store for the conclusion. What if readers are still reluctant to take your side? After logic bombs you’ve prepared for them in the concluding passage, there must be no choice but surrender to your evidence base.

Persuasive essay examples and other types of help

As you can see, persuasive essay structure features much more aspects to it than a personal one. Unfortunately, today fewer and fewer Australian students possess enough free time to develop solid essays on persuasion. To keep up with the workload and personal life, an Aussie student might want to use some extra help online.

Today there’re many handy internet academia writing services to offer prompt help with various essay chores. For example, you can either download free persuasive essay examples or assign a completely new plagiarism-free paper by an Australian wordsmith from Sydney or Canberra. The scope of solutions if pretty large and also includes proofreading, 24-7 consultations, etc. What about the rates? Prices are quite affordable, being aimed at The Antipodes in the first place. Shouldn’t you be able to deal with an assignment on your own, know there’s always a qualified peer from Australian to lend a helping hand.